GIOGI Facial Serum with Cell Bio Actives is the most effective product in the market today to fight aging.



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Adult stem cells in the human body are present in almost all tissues, serve to regenerate the tissues when needed. Up to 80% of the healing capacity of adult stem cells is brought about by a number of molecules secreted by the cells which include growth factors, cytokines, interleukins, antioxidants, chaperone proteins, and exosomes into the damaged tissue resulting in the orchestration of a number of healing processes. The adult human stem cell derived molecules technology (AHSDM TECHNOLOGY) hinges on the identification, selection, propagation, and stimulation of the appropriate stem and progenitor cells, and subsequently capturing those molecules released. Our proprietary technology harnesses the power of stem cells with its molecules –(AHSDM) – which help the processes of Heal & Repair.

Facial Serum

Facial Serum 30 ml

The GIOGI Facial Serum is enriched with cell bio-actives, the most effective anti-aging formulation to reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This serum gives you salon like boost to your skin. Pamper your skin with the special care it deserves and feel confident as you stand out of the crowd with an illuminated and nourished look.

Hair Growth Serum

Hair Growth Serum 30 ml

The GIOGI Hair Growth Serum is a scientific breakthrough formulation to stimulate biological hair growth and dose not require expensive surgery and no side effects. The maximized formulation with cell bio-actives rejuvenate damaged or weakened hair follicle, and give you natural, thickened and youthful hair growth.

How To Use


Clean the face with water


Apply gently few drops of GIOGI Facial Serum on your face


You may apply moisturizer on top of Facial Serum


You may apply makeup on top of Facial Serum


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Science behind the GIOGI skincare products :

Biochemical changes causing and leading to age-related decline in physiological functions including that of skin are primarily rooted in inherent inflammatory processes. These processes lead to the losses of various molecules by degradation of the molecules at a faster pace than the rate of replenishment. Stem cells have been proven to be very effective in promoting regenerating processes in damaged and degenerating organs. Stem cells secrete a number of molecules of different functional classes like:

These factors promote healing of inflammation-injured cells. The process results in lowering of inflammation, while healing of the dermal and epidermal cells helps to maintain / restore the healthy glitter and glow of the younger looking skin.

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